PV Wraps is a child company of Perdue Vision LLC. You can see all that we do in house on our website directory www.idkydt.com. With everything we do, communication, quality of design, media, laminate, production staff, installation environment, down to the caliber of our installers is our biggest concern. There are a million wrap companies out there you can choose from. The reason you would want to choose PV Wraps, is because we surpass the competition on all the above fronts.


We stand behind our work! Everyone makes mistakes from time to time and when we do, WE FIX IT! We do all we can to make sure our customers are not only satisfied but that we have exceeded their expectations. We love what we do and our passion for this artform is evident in every step of the process. From concept to completion, it is our goal to do something really spectacular! Every vehicle is cleaned with isopropyl alcohol in a temperature controlled super bright LED lit environment and post heated and set per the requirements set by the manufacturer of the media we use. This is necessary for the manufacturer to warranty the media from any failures or future defects. We have never had to make a claim in 20 years of business on a failed media.


Vehicle wraps have a very dynamic estimating process. There are several things that affect the pricing and that is why we prefer our customers to come to our shop to get a formal survey, and have a design consultation session before we are able to provide a formal estimate because the design is needed to determine price. The complexity of the design time, type of media and lamination used, amount of coverage, vehicle current paint condition, and complexity of installation all play a role in estimating. However with a short conversation, text or email we can get the answers we need to questions we have in order to provide you with a general estimate. We are not always the cheapest on the block as we aim to be the best!


The longevity of a vehicle wrap is based on many things. Does your vehicle sit out in direct sunlight every day or are you in a covered garage? How well do you take care of the exterior of your vehicle. Like anything else in this world, things last as long as you take care of them. If you hand wash your vehicle, wax it every 8-12 months, and are mindful of the outside exposure it gets to sun and inclement weather, and choose to wrap with a performance media like AVERY or 3m, you can get 8 – 10 years of life out of your wrap. Every media has a different manufacturer warranty. Here at PV Wraps, we use quality media with manufacturer warranties advertising a life of 8-10 years on horizontal surfaces and around 3-6 years with vertical surfaces (hoods. and roofs). If you never wash your vehicle and it sits outside all the time getting exposed to run, rain and the elements you can expect to get around 4-6 years out of your wrap. Most customers switch vehicles before the wrap has hit its end of life. So essentially by our own experience, a vehicle wrap will last longer than you own your vehicle. The great news is when the wrap is removed, the paint of the vehicle will have been protected from all these elements and thus preserve the quality of your OEM paint job.


We can not wrap a vehicle with wax, or a ceramic coating. The media will not stick to these coatings. If you have a boat we can not wrap a chalky surface. The boat gelcoat will need to be wet sanded and compounded prior to the installation to ensure adhesion. If you have a paint failure that is showing clear coat failure, chipping, peeling or cracking, we can not wrap that. As soon as we heat and stretch the media during the installation process, the defective paint will release behind the wrap and ruin the adhesive in that area. We will not wrap a vehicle with a “value” paint job as many of these skip necessary steps of proper sanding and priming before painting as well as applying a clear coat.
While I say we CAN NOT WRAP these things in these conditions that does not mean we WILL NOT wrap them for you. Just know that we will set the expectation that no warranties or guarantees are given should the wrap become defective due to one of the following above mentioned surface issues. We prefer to do the job right, but we do understand that sometimes you have to apply polish to a turd.